Tuesday, 30 March 2010

long time no see

Wow, i haven't updated in sooo long! my laptop is driving me absolutely crazy, i think the battery is on it's way out. I have so many new things to show you....however they will have to wait for my next update as i have a naughty baby to deal with and my boyfriend is on his godforsaken Xbox which means i cannot upload any photos or it slows his online connection down. It's a serious business, killing people with your bare thumbs...
Anyway, i will be back v soon with a proper update.
Oh and welcome to my 6th follower, yay!!! (technically my 5th follower, if truth be told, as i somehow managed to follow myself)
Until next time

Thursday, 4 March 2010

a few new bits and pieces

This is my newly organised vanity woooo i love it! These plastic storage boxes were from Poundland, and my brush holder is an old candle holder, but i've had it so many years now i can't remember where it's from!
This is one of those standard chests from Ikea, but i painted it cream gloss. I'm going to customise it soon though, as it's a bit plain. The green butterflies are tealight candle holders, which i bought from a charity shop for ££2.00 about a year ago - i absolutely love them, they are so pretty. The Marilyn Monroe tin is my money tin and is another Pounldand gem!

The mirrored chest was £16.00 from Sainsburys, but when i picked it up, i noticed a sort of shell - like mark under the surface on the top... the manager was called and he said i could have it for £11. The good thing was, i had £7.50 on my Nectar card so it only cost me £3.50!!!! that makes me love it even more. The mirror on top is an angled mirror, which was £10, also from Sainsbury's. it's brilliant for doing your make up in. My eyeshadow...sorry it's the same as usual, i haven't been that inventive of late! This was (again!!!) from my NYC palette (Best Of Broadway)

And this is my makeup, on the way to visit my mama in the hospital..she's just had an op on her spine :-(. She's fine though, and will be out tomorrow, thank goodness. The stress of it all has caused me to have two ginormous coldsores on my lip, which is NOT nice, i can tell you!

I've just started reading the first Twilight book - i've never seen the films or anything, and so far i really love the book - it's very atmospheric and i keep wanting to get into my bed and snuggle down to read it...and in my mind, Edward Cullen is Robert Pattinson, cos he's in the movies and he is so lush, who wouldn't want to snuggle down with him?! hahahaa
Until next time