Friday, 17 December 2010

some things i've bought....

I haven't done a new post in ages. I'm not entirely sure why really. But anyway, here are my latest purchases....Above is a gorgeous pair of shoe boot type things. I bought the black ones a few months back and was really pleased to find the grey ones in Primark. The best part is that both pairs were £18 each, marked down to £4.00 each!
This cute bracelet was only 50p in the sale at Primark!! i love anything with bows on, and have a bow tattoo aswell....
A lovely pearl necklace - 3 strings with a silk bow on. This necklace feels heavy and is great for only £2.50
My cute panda hat from River Island. I picked up a kids one as it was only £7.99 rather than £12.99 for the adult one, and actually fits me better. Really love this, and it's keeping me nice and warm in all this snowy weather
And last of all, 4 pairs of knee high socks from Primark - think they were about £1.50 a pair. Great for going under my boots.

That's all. This post is a bit rubbish, i'm feeling rather 'quiet' this evening.....

Until next time

Monday, 29 November 2010

VERY late halloween pics

My Annie winning her prize for best dressed!!
My adorable little witchy-poo
Me and my daughter

Me in my 'cat' (ish) costume. I do have a tail on too. And can you spot the naked Barbie???

Until next time

it's been a while....Chanel Khaki Vert and Kitty cat

It's been a long while since i blogged and i'm not entirely sure why...Anyway, this was my makeup for halloween. I was, of course, a cat!!

This look was done using mainly my Maybelline black liquid eyenier and the black and grey eyeshadows from my 88 neutral palette. That is a hair clip round my neck, which i clipped onto an elastic type hairband thing.
I backcomed my hair and used a good deal of hairspray. Then scraped it up into a high bun.

Me and the kids went to my friends halloween party and we had a great time. I did my daughter Annalise's make up, but my littes, Madison, refused to wear anything remotely halloweenish until the end of the night, when she donned a witches hat.
This was Annie - she was kind of like Mona The Vampire, and won the competiotion for best outfit!!!
And this is the highly sought after Chanel Khaki Vert nail polish. It is VERY special to me and i am afraid to use it! but i'm getting my nails done on friday, so shall wear it then, as we all know nail polish lasts so much longer when you have fake nails on!

i shall do another post quickly, showing my outfit and my daughters' outfits on more pics to follow!!!

Until next time

Monday, 25 October 2010

Halloween make up ideas

A trial run of my cat make up. It's not the cat look i am going with, i shall do a post on that one on Halloween!
My cousin asked me if i had any tips for a Horror Burlesque type look, so i came up with this one..
And the one directly above is your standard burlesque look, obvs.
You like?

Until next time

Happy Birthday!

Today was my beautiful daughter's 9th birthday. I love her so much. This is her in her new dress and shoes!! She had a 'make up party' with some of her friends from school and i bought her a pink Nintendo DSI which she was over the moon with!!!
She will be taller than me soon!
Happy birthday Annalise
My new shoes £15 from Primark :-) Suede type lilacy nude platforms. LUSH.
Ooooh :-)
M&S skinny jeans. George Jumper (wow, i'm like an old lady!)

Do you like?

Until next time


Wow, it's been so so long since i've blogged, and i'm not even sure why. I've had quite a lot going on recently and just haven't been able to find the time, nor have i found anything i particularly want to blog about
BUT! i have, at last, after years of searching, found a decent Nude lipliner. EVERY lip liner that has ever professed to being 'nude' or 'pinky brown' or one which would go great with nude lipsticks, has always been a massive dissapointment. I have found 90% of them to be pretty dark in all honesty, and mostly with a reddish tone. However, whilst in Superdrug the other day i happened by complete chance , upon this little beauty

Max Factor Lip Pencil in Blush
. (picture above. Stock photo, cos i haven't taken a pic of my one)

This is a FAB nude lipliner, it rivals all the great nude lipsticks, but obviously with all the staying power of a lipliner. It is smooooooth and creamy to apply and i love it!!!
I will post a picture of me wearing it later!!

Until next time

Monday, 4 October 2010

Favourite Nude lipstick

So after purchasing MANY nude lipsticks, such as

Mac Hue
Revlon Nude Attitude
Natural Collection Apple Blossom
Barry M 101 Marshmallow
Elf Natural Nymph
Rimmel Airy Fairy
Rimmel Nude Delight

To name but a few....But today i finally decided that my absolute fave nude is L'Oreal Color Riche in Almond Creme (creme d' amande) number457

It's a lovely beigey nude, with no orange undertones (like Revlon Nude Attitude and Rimmel Nude Delight). It is creamy and applies really well. It's not super light, like Barry M 101, nor is it waxy (again, like Barry M).
I've had it a while now, and bought it off ebay, just going by the name, hoping i would like it. And i did!
I just re-found it in my drawer today and thought 'wow, i bloody love this!'
The packaging also looks really posh - all gold and sleek!
And the good thing is, this lipstick is pretty cheap, i think i paid about £3-£4 for mine, so it's an absolute bargain.
Yep, definately my fave!!
My second favourite would be my Mac Hue.
Sorry, no swatches at this present time, as it's 3.15 am, and therfore too dark to get a proper idea of the colour!

Until next time

Monday, 27 September 2010


Just wanted to say hi to my new followers!!! so HIII!! *waves*
Thankyou so much for following me, it means a lot

Saturday, 25 September 2010

bag lust!!!!

The bags i am currently lusting after :-)
Pauls Boutique Amy bag
A Miu Miu bag - not sure which one haha, but i saw a girl in Starbucks today with THE nicest Miu Miu bag and i got serious bag envy ;-)
Louis Vuitton Damier Azur speedy 35
Louis Vuitton monogram speedy 35



my beautiful girls

Above - Annalise Brooke, my stunning clever unique daughter (9 on october 25th)
Below - Madison Amber Rose- my beautiful funny cheeky daughter (turned 3 on september 13th)
I love my daughters more than life itself.


Happy 3rd birthday!!!

My beautiful little girl turned 3 on september 13th. I love her sooooo much it hurts!! There she is, enjoying her cakey on her papa's lap, oh i love her so!
Here is the birthday cake i made her. It is vanilla victoria sponge with pink vanilla buttercream icing and little pink white and yellow wafer flowers. Excuse the mess around the cake, i was in an absolute baking frenzy, as i had to do a massive fruit and nut cake for my dad's birthday at the same time (his is on the 18th) and we were all going down to my partners family's house the next day (as it was his dad's b'day on the 8th aswell!!!!) so it was a triple celebration! And i had had only 2hours sleep the night before and things were manic haha!!!

You can see all the icing sugar and baking paraphenalia all over the table!!

Mini ELF haul

Hi everyone!

I ordered some bits of the ELF website for the first time the other day. My order came in about 2 days which was really great, much faster than i expected!

I ordered
1) Eyebrow stencils (think they were £1.50) - these are great, as i really have trouble with my eyebrows, and these just lend a helping hand, although they do tend to make your eyebrows very thick, so i still need to customise to a certain degree.

2) small angle brush £3.50. I asm slightly dissapointed with this. I mean it's a good brush and all, but it's a bit too 'bushy'. I am desperate to find an angled brush that is razor thin, to do my eyebrows - any suggestions??

3) Shimmering facial whip in Toasted £1.50. This is lovely, very pigmented and goes on great. I have already used it on my eyes, lips and face (haha)

4) Lipstick in Natural Nymph. £3.50 - A great nude, very very creamy and goes on smooth, but very light. Is great over the top of a slightly darker lipstick or liner. Not drying or cakey like Barry M 101, which i really do not like!

5) Cream eyeliner in black. £3.50 - The black ones come with a small angled brush to apply, but again, this brush is waaaay too fluffy. Haven't tried the eyeliner yet, but have swatched it on my hand - seems fine, but can't comment on staying power, etc til i have tried it properly

What about you? what have you bought from ELF, and what do you think of it?

Until next time

Supermarket sweep!

This is what i picked up at my local Sainsburys today. I absolutely adore this 'love' sign, it has a beautiful shimmer to it. The oil burner was bought primarily for my caramel Yankee Candle - not too keen on the bronzey colour, but it was that or red, and i really don't like red anything, so there you go.
Love sign £6.00
Oil burner £3.50
Caramel Yankee candle £1.05

Until next time



Please excuse the black sack in the background - it is clothes for charity hahaha.
Okaaay so here is my ouftit
Ruched shoulder black jumper £8.00 from George @ Asda
Denim skirt with charms - Oasis
Grey army/military boots - Ebay
This is my little necklace from Asda (pearl and bow earrings to match) £5.00

Au revoir mon Amis

quick FOTD

Getting very annoyed with this blogger as it only EVER lets me upload 2 pics per post - anyone know why?? so please excuse yet another dis-jointed post. Here goes. Above is a picture of my eye (obvs)...i am wearing..
1) Rimmel excellerator mascara,
2) Maybelline special eyes eyeliner
On my face i have
1) Revlon photo ready foundation
2)ELF shimmering facial whip in Toasted
On my lips i have
1) Rimmel Exxagerate lipliner in Addiction
2) ELF Natural Nymph
3) ELF shimmering facial whip in toasted

Outfit post will follow!!


Thursday, 23 September 2010

Oh how i love thee!

Wow!!! i REALLY want these heeled biker boots! The above ones are by Tory Burch and cost an astonishing $ yeah...shan't be getting those :-(

But the ones below i found on Ebay (good old Ebay) for a very reasonable £29.99!! So maybe my budget can stretch to those ones!!

What do you think? which pair do you prefer?

Adios amigos
Until next time

But the ones below i found on Ebay (good old Ebay) for a very reasonable £29.99!! So maybe my budget can stretch to those ones!!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Fake designer bags - your views?

This is a post i feel compelled to write, and i would love to hear all your views on the subject.
Ok, here goes..


Ok, now that is out in the open, lets get down to what really bothers me.

There seems to be a massive stigma around buying fake designer handbags. Almost Nazi like. People react with such fury and have such a 'hoity toity' view on people who use fake designer handbags.
Most of these people will say it's due to them being illegal, or that it's because they are produced in awful conditions, mostly by children.
Now, i am in NO WAY condoning this, but before people get high and mighty, let me ask you this question:
Do you shop in Primark? If you answered yes (which i'm guessing most people will), have you ever wondered who produces the unbelievably cheap clothes for that store? That's right - children from 3rd world countries, forced to work in appalling conditions. But you will all still shop there, right?
In fact, most of our produce, be it clothes, electricals, shoes, etc, will all have been produced by factory workers in 3rd world countries, some of them children.
Please understand, my point is NOT to say 'oh well, everything is produced in this manner, why worry about the fake designer handbags'. No no no. My point is that deep down, i don't really believe that the people who take such offence to others who use fakes, really care about the conditions in which the bags are made.
In my personal opinion, people take such offence because they have maybe saved to buy a beautiful genuine designer bag (and good for you) and they get pissed off when they see other people walking around with a £20 rip off version. Lots of fakes are so good, you cannot even tell they are fake, so it's understandable that people would get pissed off they have paid £400 and up for virtually the same bag.

But let me tell you why and how i buy fakes.

1) i am EXTREMELY fickle. I will obssess over something for say, a month, googling pictures (most recently it's been the Chanel 255 flap bag), drooling over images of the bag. I want it now. I need it now, etc etc. But i am a mother of 2 young children, and there is no way i could EVER afford it.
So i found a knock off one on Ebay. Paid £17 for it. And although i love it,and wll use it for ages, my initial desire and lust for it has worn off. So thank f**k i didn't pay £2000 for it, or whatever the price is.
2) it is not just designer stuff i get this with - it's anything. It may be a pair of boots from River Island. My desire for a designer bag has really nothing to do with it being 'designer' per se, it's just another thing i am obssessing over at the time.
3) I have never bought a fake designer bag direct from a seller, just from someone selling their fake on through Ebay.

Right now i am obsessing over a Louis Vuitton Speedy 35, which i MUST have, but can't afford, so i will find someone selling on one of their fakes on Ebay. I can guarantee i will be 'over' it in the next month.

And on another note, i couldn't care less if i am 'harming the designers'. Jeeeezuz, do you really think bloody Coco Chanel or Louis Vuitton care if some mum of two kids in croydon buys a knock off bag for £30 from ebay?? i don't think so. They are far too busy living it up in Paris, or Milan or wherever.
For me, it's not about the status the designer bag gives me, it's just because i like the bag. In fact, i have only recently (i'd say in the past year) bought any 'designer' bags and i am 30!
This post is purely because since entering the world of fake designer bags, i have (well, online anyway) encountered such absolute fury from people who think anyone sporting such fake goods is the devil incarnate.
But if i want to buy a fake, that's up to me.
If you think it looks cheap and tacky, and you saved up £400 for yours, well good for you.

Now i know the whole issue goes much much deeper, but i'm just so so shocked at the views people have on fake designer goods.

So, in conclusion, i owuld like to leave you with these two points...
In your opinion, what is the more socially and economically damaging of the two? What really makes you feel just so disgusted at human kind and how messed up the world is? when there are starving children in the world, this kind of greed is allowed to go on?

1) i buy a fake Chanel handbag from Ebay for £17

2) Victoria Beckam owns a Mulberry handbag in every colour to the tune of 1 million pounds (this is true)

Answers on a postcard please

Friday, 17 September 2010

my new winter boots!!

How nice please?!
My new boots for winter. I've already worn them every day since i got them. Super comfy and go with everything
£39.99 from ebizzle.
Am going to do a post tomorrow on the fantastically beautiful pair of nude flats i got from Tescos and the jumper to match :-)

Until next time

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Miley Cyrus/Max Azria clothes at Asda OMG!!

Grrrrr as usual i have uploaded the pictures in the wrong order, so please bare (bear/bare?) with me...
Well, today i went to Asda and in the teenage range i spied some clothes designed by Miley Cyrus and Max Azria. Now i am by no means a small adult,(i am approx size 12-14) but when i saw this top and leggings i swooped them up in size large and bobs your uncle, they only bloody fit!!
The leggings are full length with little square studs all down the outside of the legs. Not teeny-bopper-ish at all, quite rock chick, really!. They are also SUPER soft and stretchy and fit perfectly (although they are a bit long, seeing that i am only 5ft1)
And when i saw this top, i new i had to have it. It is a gorgeous pink, almost long enough to wear on it's own over leggings, but i will team it with a stretchy black mini. It has an almost army type print on it, but also slightly tigerish looking. It is very thin, and the sleeves are really long, which i love. I will wear a pink or white stretchy vest top underneath as it's quite see - through.

The leggings where only £9.00 and the top was only £7.00, and it's safe to say i am pretty chuffed with them!

Until next time

mini haul!!!

Hi guys! hope you are all well and happy! This post is just a mini haul of the things i have picked up today.
Okay, so first up is this very cute 'Louis Vuitton' bag. I found this in my local Oxfam shop for only £6.99. I am under no illusions that it is a real Louis, but i think it's very lovely and the money went to a good cause.
Then i went to Tescos and picked up this GORGEOUS Rimmel nail polish in the colour Beige Babe.

As soon as i saw it i new i had to have it. It's a more intense version of Beige Style by Rimmel, and slightly darker than Nails Inc Mink (both of which i adore). I only painted one nail, just to show you.
The application was quite streaky and i had to apply 3 coats, which i don't really like, as it feels like nail varnish (or 'marnish' as my almost -3- year -old calls it) never really dries properly, and chipping is more likely to occur. However, the colour is fab, i really love it and think it's great for autumn.
First pic is with flash, one below is without flash. I think the true colour is somewhere in between the two (my lighting is very poor)
Also in Tescos i got Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara in black (obvs).
It says ...''Advanced, ultre lengthening formula for beautifully long, remarkably strong lashes''.

It is apparantly a mascara with 'grow lash complex'

I shall do a review on this in the next couple of days.

THEN! i went to Asda (don't ask, it's been a looong day) and i got these simple diamondy studs for £1.00...aaaaaand some fab Miley Cyrus (i know!!) clothes - post on that coming up!!

Afterwards we popped to my sisters and she had bought two cans of Batiste Dry shampoo as it was only £1 in Superdrug, and she very kindly gave me the Blush can.
I am, amazingly, a dry shampoo virgin, as i have never seen the point before (i wash my hair every other day and that suits me fine) so i never really let it get that greasy.
But i really wanted to give it a go as i've read some beauty bloggers use it for backcombing their hair, and mine is so super fine, i could do with a bit of grippage!!
Aaaannnyyyywaaaay, that was my rambly blog, hope you guys enjoyed

Until next time