Saturday, 25 September 2010

Mini ELF haul

Hi everyone!

I ordered some bits of the ELF website for the first time the other day. My order came in about 2 days which was really great, much faster than i expected!

I ordered
1) Eyebrow stencils (think they were £1.50) - these are great, as i really have trouble with my eyebrows, and these just lend a helping hand, although they do tend to make your eyebrows very thick, so i still need to customise to a certain degree.

2) small angle brush £3.50. I asm slightly dissapointed with this. I mean it's a good brush and all, but it's a bit too 'bushy'. I am desperate to find an angled brush that is razor thin, to do my eyebrows - any suggestions??

3) Shimmering facial whip in Toasted £1.50. This is lovely, very pigmented and goes on great. I have already used it on my eyes, lips and face (haha)

4) Lipstick in Natural Nymph. £3.50 - A great nude, very very creamy and goes on smooth, but very light. Is great over the top of a slightly darker lipstick or liner. Not drying or cakey like Barry M 101, which i really do not like!

5) Cream eyeliner in black. £3.50 - The black ones come with a small angled brush to apply, but again, this brush is waaaay too fluffy. Haven't tried the eyeliner yet, but have swatched it on my hand - seems fine, but can't comment on staying power, etc til i have tried it properly

What about you? what have you bought from ELF, and what do you think of it?

Until next time

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