Monday, 25 October 2010

Halloween make up ideas

A trial run of my cat make up. It's not the cat look i am going with, i shall do a post on that one on Halloween!
My cousin asked me if i had any tips for a Horror Burlesque type look, so i came up with this one..
And the one directly above is your standard burlesque look, obvs.
You like?

Until next time

Happy Birthday!

Today was my beautiful daughter's 9th birthday. I love her so much. This is her in her new dress and shoes!! She had a 'make up party' with some of her friends from school and i bought her a pink Nintendo DSI which she was over the moon with!!!
She will be taller than me soon!
Happy birthday Annalise
My new shoes £15 from Primark :-) Suede type lilacy nude platforms. LUSH.
Ooooh :-)
M&S skinny jeans. George Jumper (wow, i'm like an old lady!)

Do you like?

Until next time


Wow, it's been so so long since i've blogged, and i'm not even sure why. I've had quite a lot going on recently and just haven't been able to find the time, nor have i found anything i particularly want to blog about
BUT! i have, at last, after years of searching, found a decent Nude lipliner. EVERY lip liner that has ever professed to being 'nude' or 'pinky brown' or one which would go great with nude lipsticks, has always been a massive dissapointment. I have found 90% of them to be pretty dark in all honesty, and mostly with a reddish tone. However, whilst in Superdrug the other day i happened by complete chance , upon this little beauty

Max Factor Lip Pencil in Blush
. (picture above. Stock photo, cos i haven't taken a pic of my one)

This is a FAB nude lipliner, it rivals all the great nude lipsticks, but obviously with all the staying power of a lipliner. It is smooooooth and creamy to apply and i love it!!!
I will post a picture of me wearing it later!!

Until next time

Monday, 4 October 2010

Favourite Nude lipstick

So after purchasing MANY nude lipsticks, such as

Mac Hue
Revlon Nude Attitude
Natural Collection Apple Blossom
Barry M 101 Marshmallow
Elf Natural Nymph
Rimmel Airy Fairy
Rimmel Nude Delight

To name but a few....But today i finally decided that my absolute fave nude is L'Oreal Color Riche in Almond Creme (creme d' amande) number457

It's a lovely beigey nude, with no orange undertones (like Revlon Nude Attitude and Rimmel Nude Delight). It is creamy and applies really well. It's not super light, like Barry M 101, nor is it waxy (again, like Barry M).
I've had it a while now, and bought it off ebay, just going by the name, hoping i would like it. And i did!
I just re-found it in my drawer today and thought 'wow, i bloody love this!'
The packaging also looks really posh - all gold and sleek!
And the good thing is, this lipstick is pretty cheap, i think i paid about £3-£4 for mine, so it's an absolute bargain.
Yep, definately my fave!!
My second favourite would be my Mac Hue.
Sorry, no swatches at this present time, as it's 3.15 am, and therfore too dark to get a proper idea of the colour!

Until next time