Thursday, 7 July 2011

My current wish list!!

This gorgeous quilted jacket is from TKmaxx and is £39.99. It is THE best quilted jacket i have come across, soooo nicely fitted, great quality, and it has a hood. Perfect for the winter, i will so be buying this!
This am in love with it. I was in River Island and saw it, it had no tags or anything (i actually found it in a corner of the shop, and picked it up, my heart beating) i took it to the till, thinking it was in the sale (how great is the River Island sale??? i've got loads of bits!). But was informed it was full price at £36.99...sob!!!! it's actually not that expensive, but i didn't buy it and now am dreaming about it (literally, i dreamt about it last night). It is so much like a Miu Miu bag and i need it like a fat kid needs cake :-( ......ooooh cake.....cake would be cheaper...and tastier.....

Until next time