Friday, 25 February 2011

Stuff what i 'ave bought

I went to Primark today and bought a few items of clothing and some jewelery.
Above is a gorgeous sweater top type thing. It's kind of cropped but longer at the back and i love it. I will wear a vest top underneath. I'm going to cut the neck straight across so it hangs off one shoulder.
This was £8.00
Above is a Tshirt i bought from the mens department. I love the rockabilly skull, the hairstyle (reminds me of someone i know) and the reflection of the hot babes in his glasses. I will probably cut the neck straight across, so it's a bit more slouchy looking, and may tie the side in a knot....not sure yet, will see how it goes.
This tshirt was £5.00 i think
This black dress was form the beach section of Primark and was only £4.00. It is a really lovely stretchy soft black material and will be great in the summer with lots of accessories. I actually have it in a turquoise blue aswell, which i bought last year. It fits nice over the boobies, too.

This is a swallow print long sleeved top in a nude colour. I liked the little pocket detail with the button, and i love the nude colour - it is totally my favourite colour at the moment
This was £5.00

I LOVE this top! it reminds me of Wildfox, but is even better as it was only £4.00 instead of like a million pounds if it was from Wildfox (but ohhhhh i do love their clothes....). It's a bit like a grown up High School Musical top haha, but also makes me think of 70's America, the movie Dazed and Confused, and Aerosmith....i heart it.
Oh hello Annie....My daughter jumped in as i was trying to get a photo of my uber cool new pj bottoms. Hot pink leopard print ...oooohhhh. £5.00 for these, and i put them on as soon as i got in.

These feather earrings were actually from Boots, £9.00 reduced to £2.00. I think they will look lovely in the summer, with my favourite black maxi dress from Forever 21.
This lush bag was £8.00 from Primark (obvs). It is a taupe colour with gold hardware. and a lovely little corsage type thing.
5 pairs of earrings for about £1.50...had to get them. They will probably last about a day but that's fine. I only wear gold costume jewelery, as i prefer silver.
A darling little pair of cream rose earrings. I heart these. £1.00
And last of all, this cute little swallow necklace. Gold with diamantes (which you can't see in the picture). £2.00.

So there you have it.....lots of lovely new things which i probably shouldn't have bought, but there you go. I also got my 3 year old some new t shirts and pjs and my 9 year old a new top and some pjs.

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Friday, 11 February 2011

NARS at Asos

I didn't know that Asos were doing NARS!? the two items which i would love sooo much are the Turkish Delight lipgloss (as worn by Kim Kardashian) and Mekong eyeshadow...the most beautiful brown i've ever seen!
What NARS items would you like?

Until next time


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Gel nails

I am currently going gel nail crazy! I used the nailene gel nail kit to do my nails over christmas, and was impressed with how they came out. They lasted about a week, and were so easy to do

I think they looked pretty good and you get 2 applications per pack, (i think the pack was around £7-£10), so way cheaper than going to a salon.
I also used the Broadway Gel nail kit and actually prefered that one, as the nail tips were so thin and flexible and you could file them beautifully.

I am going to buy myself a proper gel nail kit with the curing lamp, so i can do them regularly and really practice, so they come out perfect. They are really expensive (around £90) but i have found a kit on Ebay from China for £28, so i will definately be buying that!!

Until next time


Current wish list

I always have a wishlist haha, but the above nameplate necklace is something i have wanted for a long time. Obviously my name is not Ashley, but it's Arabella, and i chose this necklace as i love the way the 'A' has been done. This particular necklace is from Ebay, but it comes originally from Israel. I think it's so pretty.
MAC lipliner in Oak, one in Stone and one in Stripdown
And i STILL haven't bought the lipstick Snob yet! As soon as i think i can, something else more important needs buying, but i will get it!

I actually want so much from MAC, including a mascara, foundation, oh! and an eyeliner in Smoulder. But MAC is sooo day i will have impressive MAC collection......probably...maybe.....but probably not...

What is on your current wishlist?
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Disney Couture Believe ring

This is my new Disney Couture Believe ring. This ring means so much to me. It is so beautiful and i love it. I have worn it every day since i got it. It is platinum plated with a tiny swarovski crystal above the 'i'

I love Disney Couture jewelery, but this is by far my most favourite item.

What do you think?

Until next time


I heart my Chanel nail polish

I haven't updated my blog in a very long time, but i have recently got the most beautiful things....Above are my Chanel nail polishes. The left one is Mica Rose and the right is Pearl Drop
Mica Rose (495) is a very sheer pale pink colour, i applied 3 coats to get it opaque. It is a beautiful delicate understated colour with very very fine shimmers of glitter throughout. I really love it.

Pearl Drop (511) is an incredible colour, as when i first looked at it i thought it was a pearly shimmery white (which it is), but after applying 3 coats, i noticed that it actually has gold running through it aswell! I used to wear white nail varnish constantly in my late teens, which was rather like Tippex, so i am over happy with this updated and more sophisticated version of my teen polish.
Can you kind of see the gold shimmer in it???
Oooooh Chanel :-)
Soooo beautiful
In all, i think these are two very pretty colours, that are fantastic for when you don't want an over the top colour on your nails.
They are extremely sophisticated colours and will be perfect for summer.
I LOVE them

Until next time