Friday, 17 December 2010

some things i've bought....

I haven't done a new post in ages. I'm not entirely sure why really. But anyway, here are my latest purchases....Above is a gorgeous pair of shoe boot type things. I bought the black ones a few months back and was really pleased to find the grey ones in Primark. The best part is that both pairs were £18 each, marked down to £4.00 each!
This cute bracelet was only 50p in the sale at Primark!! i love anything with bows on, and have a bow tattoo aswell....
A lovely pearl necklace - 3 strings with a silk bow on. This necklace feels heavy and is great for only £2.50
My cute panda hat from River Island. I picked up a kids one as it was only £7.99 rather than £12.99 for the adult one, and actually fits me better. Really love this, and it's keeping me nice and warm in all this snowy weather
And last of all, 4 pairs of knee high socks from Primark - think they were about £1.50 a pair. Great for going under my boots.

That's all. This post is a bit rubbish, i'm feeling rather 'quiet' this evening.....

Until next time