Tuesday, 27 April 2010

confessions of a concealaholic

ok, this is a bit of a lame post, just to say how overly excited i am about the new Benefit kit Confessions of a concealaholic!!!!!!

i have long been dying to try out most of these Benefit concealing and brightenong products, but they are kind of pricey...for £28.50, you can get the lot in this cute little kit!! (albeit a lot smaller) but as my sister pointed out, as we ogled the Benefit catalogue she had picked up whilst shopping, the sizes aren't that different really. All in all i think it's great value for money, and me and my sister are going to get one each asap!!!!

wait for the review.....

ooooh and i got a little tin of cherry flavoured Carmex...heaven on a stick (or in a tin). The only thing is, it becomes weirdly antiseptic smelling and tasting once it's been applied. But man it's so lush.
And i WILL WILL WILL be blogging tomorrow and showing pictures of all the lustrous things i have bought since i last blogged (or at least some of them)
Till next time, bitches