Wednesday, 24 February 2010

88 warm palette

My new 88 warm palette from Ebay... I swatched the silver, it is a rich intense highly pigmented colour
The colours got a bit mixed up because some of them fell out when i opened it!! there are some beautiful browns, blacks, golds and plum colours in the palette, as well as lots of highlighting shades

Oh hi me! it has a good mirror inside..

Funny lighting, but you get the idea (or picture, haha)

Posh sleek black ultra slim casing...

The outer box. Made by the company Fraulein. I shall be ordering the 88 shimmer palette from them soon. It cost be £12.50 inc p&p. I will do some looks with this asap and post them!!
Until next time

Monday, 22 February 2010

FOTD and other such nonsense

soooo, this is just my make up over the last couple of days. I appologise for the same-y-ness of the style, but it's just been what i've been wearing of late

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

FOTD on pancake day and a little picture of my dolly girl

This is my beautiful cheeky daughter Madison Amber Rose. She is 2yrs 5 months. I have a beautiful 8 yr old daughter too!
okay so this is my eyeshadow, using the NYC Best of Broadway palette. I didn't use much though as i was only popping out to run a few errands and plus it was pouring with rain!

This is the eyeshadow again in a slightly different light. On my eyes i have used Revlon eyeliner and L'oreal Double Extension mascara

This is a close up of my lips (obvs) wearng GOSH darling nude lipstick

and again.....

And here is my whole face hahahahaha. I have on as follows
NYC Best of Broadway eyeshadow palette, Lo'real Double Extension mascara Revlon eyeliner, L'oreal Roll 'On True Match foundation, L'oreal Touch Magique concealer, Rimmel 025 Sun Kissed (i think) bronzer and GOSH Darling nude lipstick

Sorry, i know these two pictures are the same but i don't know how to delete one of them!!

And that concludes my Face Of The Day!!!
On another note, i was watching What Katie Did Next and have become obsessed with finding the shade of bubblegum pink nail polish she was wearing. I googled it and someone said a real likeness is W7 in Barbie does look like a pretty good match, so no doubt i will be purchasing that v soon!.
I have also ordered two bottle of St Moritz mousse fake tan, which i am positively dying to try out. I think they should be here tomorrow. If so, i shall be applying it on Thursday after my luxurious bath with all my new Dove silk bath products i bought today ( all on offer for half price at Sainsburys ).
The St moritz cost me £2.99 per bottle and only £1.95 p&p which is brilliant, and if the tan works a swell as everyone is saying it does, well then i shall be purchasing many more at that price ( i got mine at Fragrance Direct, which also has many other fab little bits, all super cheap and for £1.95 p&p you can't go wrong.
Ok i'm offski.
Until next time

Monday, 15 February 2010

Soap and Glory and Rimmel Airy Fairy

Sorry about the lousy pictures...
I managed to get my hands on Rimmel Airy Fairy, which i was pleased about considering i thought it was only available in the US. I found it online for 95p!!! it was an additional £2.50 p&p but that's fine, it's still really cheap, and considering i've heard you can't get it over here, i was really happy. ANYWAY..onto the's a lovley creamy pinky/lilac nude, which sounds weird but really works, and looks totally gorge. It's very creamy and moisturising and a lovely subtle colour. On the sticker and in the tube, it looks like a creamy versu=ion of the dreaded school days favourite Amethyst Shimmer by Rimmel, but it's really not. I'd say it was a great nude with a twist!!
Onto the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss. I had originally wanted the set of three but the boots i went into only had them in singles. I got the colour Nude, which looks a really dark brown in the tube, but is much much lighter when you put it on, and it tastes of yummy chocolate. The gloss itself is quite thick, but feels really nice on. However, i was expecting a much more intense tingling feeling, maybe i'd read too much about this product being amazing, but it just tingled a teensy bit and definately didn't plump at all :-(


Okey dokey, this is the make up i had on today
L'oreal Roll on True Match foundation
L'oreal Touche Magique concealer
Maybelline Mousse blush in Dolly Pink
Revlon black eyeliner
Maybelline Lash Stilleto
Ardell 105 lashes
Barry M 146 lipstick
I have way more photos to show, of things i have recently bought so i must get on with uploading them
Ciao bellas!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Ardell 105 lashes and Clarins Brow Kit

soooo, here are my Ardell 105 lashes, as recommended by makeupbymel. I have to say they are fantastic, really voluminous voluptuous (haha) lashes, all silky soft ( apparantly 100% human hair...a bit eeew if you ask me) but so soft, not all hard and spiky like some fakey wakes. Also, these are perfect for every day wear, if you wanna be that extra bit glam, as they don't exactly look fake, just like you've been superbly blesses with the kind of lashes deams are made of, not like 'oh look at her in her fake lashes at 9am' hahahahaha)

Anyway...also i have included my Clarins brow kit, which i use every day. The setting wax is a little hard, but it comes with a mini pair of tweezers (which i lost in my dads car the second i opened the kit for the first time, but that's just typical me), a mascara wandy brush ( i forget the profesh name for these) and a mini angled brow brush. It also has 3 different shadows for you to perfect your brows. BUT, my favourite part is the sleek mirrored case which is AMAZING.

You wanna know the absolute bestest part??? these kits retail for £28 in Boots and everywhere else, but i found mine for £10.68 at Gorgeousshop.

I was well impressed - not only that, but they delivered it on a sunday!!!

Oh bugger, have just noticed i've uploaded two of the same pic..sorry!!! ahahaha

I had originally been after the Anastasia brow kit, but it's not available in the UK and postage from the US was astronomical.

GOSH darling and GOSH lipliner

So i finally got my GOSH darling which i LOVE! it's way creamy, nothing like Barry M 101 (which i really don't like) and it's not as pale. It's really lovely. I also picked up a GOSH lipliner in Nougat Crisp, i think). It goes onto the lips lovely, but again, is too reddish in tones for me. When o when will i find a lipliner i like???? that is not reddish toned, but a nice, nudey pale browney pinky colour....hmmm
Sorry for the lack of swatches, or colour on my lips, but like i said earlier, i have to figure out my camera properly and also find the best room in my house for lighting...

NYC eyeshadow, lipgloss and eyelashes

NYC were having a 'buy two items get the eyelashes free' deal at Superdrug, so i got me a nice little eyeshadow palette and a liquid shine lipgloss in a pearly , shiny almost opaque pink.

The eyeshadow is lovely, very pigmented, and my eyes came out fab ( didn't take a picture though - will do next time)

The eyelashes are nice too, but i hate the self adhesive ones - i think they make them like that so they don't have to put the little tubes of glue in. They're only good for one wear, and even then i wouldn't trust them without glue. You can never find tubes of glue on their own either, you always have to buy more lashes..what is with that???
The eyeshadow is called Best Of Broadway, and had some lovely brown shades with a dark, almost black shade for contouring.
Eyeshadow £4.99
Lipgloss £2.99
Eyelashes £2.99 (but free, obvs)
BTW, this is supposed to be one long continuos post about all these items, but due to the ludicrous way blogger seems to be operating, i'm having to do it in lots of seperate little ones haha!

Dolly Pink -maybelline blush and Barry M 146

This is the GORGEOUS Barry M 146. It's a bright vivid dolly/barbie pink..infact i think it is called Dolly Pink. I put a picture up of it on my lips (or 'yips' as my 2 year old calls them) sorry it's not a very good pic. This will look fantastic with black eyeliner and lashings of black mascara...ooooh i love it!
Above is Maybelline Dream Mousse in (funnily enough) Dolly Pink 01. A gorgeous pale pink blush that i will wear with no eyeshadow eyes, lots of black mascara and eyeliner and a pale pinky gloss.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I have 2 followers now!!!!

Welcome Toyah! hahahaha

Today is a good day because me and Adam are getting a new bed desperately needed as our one has just fallen apart around us.

I've sold some stuff on ebay too (an Ed Hardy t shirt i bought for for £2.99 from a charity shop, sold for £18.00) so that's good, and some other bits and bobs have gone too..out with the old, in with the new (hopefully new forever 21 boots haha)

I ordered a nude lipliner in by Boots no7 from ebay - brand new, only £1.99 so that should arrive tomorrow.

OH MY GOD also i forgot this...I know a girl who is a MAC make up artist (haven't seen her for years though) but we chat on facebook sometimes, and she said she can get me the nude lipstick i want for HALF PRICE!!! too excited man. She has suggested Hue, which she uses on Pixie Lott, and i really want to gt either Myth or Creme d' Nude. I have decided on two..probably Hue and Myth as i think Creme D' Nude is a sheen like Hue, whereas Myth is more matte, so would like 2 slightly different ones.

I'm waiting for my little one to fall asleep so i can practise a smokey eye and nude lip, whilst probably watching Family Guy.

My Juicy jewellery hasn't arrived yet, it's takin for ages!!!
BTW ignore Keira Knightly - she just happened to be on the lipliner picture - i'm not too fond of her, if the truth be told.