Sunday, 14 February 2010

Ardell 105 lashes and Clarins Brow Kit

soooo, here are my Ardell 105 lashes, as recommended by makeupbymel. I have to say they are fantastic, really voluminous voluptuous (haha) lashes, all silky soft ( apparantly 100% human hair...a bit eeew if you ask me) but so soft, not all hard and spiky like some fakey wakes. Also, these are perfect for every day wear, if you wanna be that extra bit glam, as they don't exactly look fake, just like you've been superbly blesses with the kind of lashes deams are made of, not like 'oh look at her in her fake lashes at 9am' hahahahaha)

Anyway...also i have included my Clarins brow kit, which i use every day. The setting wax is a little hard, but it comes with a mini pair of tweezers (which i lost in my dads car the second i opened the kit for the first time, but that's just typical me), a mascara wandy brush ( i forget the profesh name for these) and a mini angled brow brush. It also has 3 different shadows for you to perfect your brows. BUT, my favourite part is the sleek mirrored case which is AMAZING.

You wanna know the absolute bestest part??? these kits retail for £28 in Boots and everywhere else, but i found mine for £10.68 at Gorgeousshop.

I was well impressed - not only that, but they delivered it on a sunday!!!

Oh bugger, have just noticed i've uploaded two of the same pic..sorry!!! ahahaha

I had originally been after the Anastasia brow kit, but it's not available in the UK and postage from the US was astronomical.

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