Tuesday, 16 February 2010

FOTD on pancake day and a little picture of my dolly girl

This is my beautiful cheeky daughter Madison Amber Rose. She is 2yrs 5 months. I have a beautiful 8 yr old daughter too!
okay so this is my eyeshadow, using the NYC Best of Broadway palette. I didn't use much though as i was only popping out to run a few errands and plus it was pouring with rain!

This is the eyeshadow again in a slightly different light. On my eyes i have used Revlon eyeliner and L'oreal Double Extension mascara

This is a close up of my lips (obvs) wearng GOSH darling nude lipstick

and again.....

And here is my whole face hahahahaha. I have on as follows
NYC Best of Broadway eyeshadow palette, Lo'real Double Extension mascara Revlon eyeliner, L'oreal Roll 'On True Match foundation, L'oreal Touch Magique concealer, Rimmel 025 Sun Kissed (i think) bronzer and GOSH Darling nude lipstick

Sorry, i know these two pictures are the same but i don't know how to delete one of them!!

And that concludes my Face Of The Day!!!
On another note, i was watching What Katie Did Next and have become obsessed with finding the shade of bubblegum pink nail polish she was wearing. I googled it and someone said a real likeness is W7 in Barbie pink...it does look like a pretty good match, so no doubt i will be purchasing that v soon!.
I have also ordered two bottle of St Moritz mousse fake tan, which i am positively dying to try out. I think they should be here tomorrow. If so, i shall be applying it on Thursday after my luxurious bath with all my new Dove silk bath products i bought today ( all on offer for half price at Sainsburys ).
The St moritz cost me £2.99 per bottle and only £1.95 p&p which is brilliant, and if the tan works a swell as everyone is saying it does, well then i shall be purchasing many more at that price ( i got mine at Fragrance Direct, which also has many other fab little bits, all super cheap and for £1.95 p&p you can't go wrong.
Ok i'm offski.
Until next time

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