Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Outfit Of The Day

Thought i'd do a quick outfit of the day post! These are my gorgeous (or 'hideous' according to my sister) patent quilted pumps from Primark. I've had these a while now and they've seen better days, but i do love them!
This is my little grey sweater which i bought last night from George at Asda £12.50 reduced to £6.25, what a bargain! I love the lace detailing on the shooulders and neck area..

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My current wish list!!

This gorgeous quilted jacket is from TKmaxx and is £39.99. It is THE best quilted jacket i have come across, soooo nicely fitted, great quality, and it has a hood. Perfect for the winter, i will so be buying this!
This am in love with it. I was in River Island and saw it, it had no tags or anything (i actually found it in a corner of the shop, and picked it up, my heart beating) i took it to the till, thinking it was in the sale (how great is the River Island sale??? i've got loads of bits!). But was informed it was full price at £36.99...sob!!!! it's actually not that expensive, but i didn't buy it and now am dreaming about it (literally, i dreamt about it last night). It is so much like a Miu Miu bag and i need it like a fat kid needs cake :-( ......ooooh cake.....cake would be cheaper...and tastier.....

Until next time

Monday, 2 May 2011

NARS Chelsea Girls and Belle de Jour

I recently bought NARS Chelsea Girls lip lacquer and NARS Belle de Jour lipstick. The top swatch is the Chelsea girls and the bottom swatch is the Belle de Jour.
I really really love this lip lacquer. For me, it is the perfect nude clour and looks great on, but it does have a few things which let it down..
1) the cost - at £17.50 it is not cheap
2) it does not last AT ALL. You have to keep re-applying, so i can see this running out pretty quickly
3) the taste - it has that weird lanolin type taste, which is not particularly nice
4) the pot is teeny so if you are out and don't have a lip brush with you, you have to use your finger - which is virtually impossible if you have long nails.

But other than those things, i do really love this product and would buy it again.
The Belle de Jour lipstick - hmmm i am not sure on this one yet. When i first opened it, i was shocked at how orange it was. It kind of reminds me of those really garish American Tan tights. But saying that, i haven't really given it a chance yet, so i may get it to work for me.
Love NARS packaging!

This is the Chelsea girls lacquer. It seems a bit washed out in this picture maybe? it is a really gorgeous colour.

All in all, i will definitely be re-purchasing the Chelsea Girls (even with all it's bad points) but probably not the Belle de Jour - even if it's meant to be Kim Kardashian's favourite!

Until next time


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Recent charity shop finds!

I uploaded these pictures in the wrong order (as usual) and they aren't very good pictures either, but oh well.
So anyway, i went into my local Oxfam last week and i came across a little pot (few pics down) which was quite retro and cute looking. I opened it and found 2 make up items by Jelly Pong Pong, completely brand new and sealed (i opened them to take the photos). The above product is called Love Rouge. The writing on the front says 'A duet of gel and creme made for the lips and cheeks and for the inspired.'
This is the front of the Love Rouge. I adore the packaging, and the product is lovely and creamy, but so far i've only done a swatch on my hand. This retails for £10.00
The second item in the pot was called Supermodel Stain in the colour Nymphette, which is a bright highly highly pigmented red - you seriously need the tiniest bit.
It even has a lovely little mirror inside, which is very handy and very cute
This retails for £14.00
They both came in this lovely little cardboardy type pot with black bits of squiggly paper things

The pot says 'a balanced diet is a cake in each hand' hahaha
The price for these two lovely products and the pot?? 99p!!! yes, i know! 99p!!!! amazing isn't it?!
Then the other day i walked into Oxfam again and saw these fabulous shoes from Office
Patent grey platform heels!!!!
aren't they gorgeous? and in my size, too! just sitting there on the shelf, like they were waiting for me...
Apart from a tiny bit of wear, these are perfect. I paid £5.99 for them, which i reckon is cheaper than what you would pay on Ebay, especially considering you would have to pay postage, too.

I also got a pair of dark blue skinny jeans from Baxter/Topshop for £3.99

I really love my recent bargains!

Until next time


Thursday, 3 March 2011

L'Oreal Telescopic mascara review

I know this isn't a new product on the market, but i needed to show my love and appreciation for it!!! I actually only just rediscovered this mascara in the back of my makeup drawer and i am in love with it.
This mascara has one of those seemingly ineffectual sparse plastic-y wands, but it is so so good!
Ok, so this is me with NO mascara or eye makeup on at all (hideous, i know) It looks like i don't even have any eyelashes at all (i do, obviously, you just can't really see them in this picture...)
And below is my eye with one coat of the L'Oreal Telescopic mascara.....
And this is with two coats...pretty amazing hey!?
So as you can see, this mascara is pretty damn good, i felt like i was wearing false eyelashes!

Until next time


Friday, 25 February 2011

Stuff what i 'ave bought

I went to Primark today and bought a few items of clothing and some jewelery.
Above is a gorgeous sweater top type thing. It's kind of cropped but longer at the back and i love it. I will wear a vest top underneath. I'm going to cut the neck straight across so it hangs off one shoulder.
This was £8.00
Above is a Tshirt i bought from the mens department. I love the rockabilly skull, the hairstyle (reminds me of someone i know) and the reflection of the hot babes in his glasses. I will probably cut the neck straight across, so it's a bit more slouchy looking, and may tie the side in a knot....not sure yet, will see how it goes.
This tshirt was £5.00 i think
This black dress was form the beach section of Primark and was only £4.00. It is a really lovely stretchy soft black material and will be great in the summer with lots of accessories. I actually have it in a turquoise blue aswell, which i bought last year. It fits nice over the boobies, too.

This is a swallow print long sleeved top in a nude colour. I liked the little pocket detail with the button, and i love the nude colour - it is totally my favourite colour at the moment
This was £5.00

I LOVE this top! it reminds me of Wildfox, but is even better as it was only £4.00 instead of like a million pounds if it was from Wildfox (but ohhhhh i do love their clothes....). It's a bit like a grown up High School Musical top haha, but also makes me think of 70's America, the movie Dazed and Confused, and Aerosmith....i heart it.
Oh hello Annie....My daughter jumped in as i was trying to get a photo of my uber cool new pj bottoms. Hot pink leopard print ...oooohhhh. £5.00 for these, and i put them on as soon as i got in.

These feather earrings were actually from Boots, £9.00 reduced to £2.00. I think they will look lovely in the summer, with my favourite black maxi dress from Forever 21.
This lush bag was £8.00 from Primark (obvs). It is a taupe colour with gold hardware. and a lovely little corsage type thing.
5 pairs of earrings for about £1.50...had to get them. They will probably last about a day but that's fine. I only wear gold costume jewelery, as i prefer silver.
A darling little pair of cream rose earrings. I heart these. £1.00
And last of all, this cute little swallow necklace. Gold with diamantes (which you can't see in the picture). £2.00.

So there you have it.....lots of lovely new things which i probably shouldn't have bought, but there you go. I also got my 3 year old some new t shirts and pjs and my 9 year old a new top and some pjs.

Until next time