Thursday, 10 March 2011

Recent charity shop finds!

I uploaded these pictures in the wrong order (as usual) and they aren't very good pictures either, but oh well.
So anyway, i went into my local Oxfam last week and i came across a little pot (few pics down) which was quite retro and cute looking. I opened it and found 2 make up items by Jelly Pong Pong, completely brand new and sealed (i opened them to take the photos). The above product is called Love Rouge. The writing on the front says 'A duet of gel and creme made for the lips and cheeks and for the inspired.'
This is the front of the Love Rouge. I adore the packaging, and the product is lovely and creamy, but so far i've only done a swatch on my hand. This retails for £10.00
The second item in the pot was called Supermodel Stain in the colour Nymphette, which is a bright highly highly pigmented red - you seriously need the tiniest bit.
It even has a lovely little mirror inside, which is very handy and very cute
This retails for £14.00
They both came in this lovely little cardboardy type pot with black bits of squiggly paper things

The pot says 'a balanced diet is a cake in each hand' hahaha
The price for these two lovely products and the pot?? 99p!!! yes, i know! 99p!!!! amazing isn't it?!
Then the other day i walked into Oxfam again and saw these fabulous shoes from Office
Patent grey platform heels!!!!
aren't they gorgeous? and in my size, too! just sitting there on the shelf, like they were waiting for me...
Apart from a tiny bit of wear, these are perfect. I paid £5.99 for them, which i reckon is cheaper than what you would pay on Ebay, especially considering you would have to pay postage, too.

I also got a pair of dark blue skinny jeans from Baxter/Topshop for £3.99

I really love my recent bargains!

Until next time



  1. some great finds and I love those platform, super high!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. Hey, thanks very much! i was so happy to find those things!