Monday, 2 May 2011

NARS Chelsea Girls and Belle de Jour

I recently bought NARS Chelsea Girls lip lacquer and NARS Belle de Jour lipstick. The top swatch is the Chelsea girls and the bottom swatch is the Belle de Jour.
I really really love this lip lacquer. For me, it is the perfect nude clour and looks great on, but it does have a few things which let it down..
1) the cost - at £17.50 it is not cheap
2) it does not last AT ALL. You have to keep re-applying, so i can see this running out pretty quickly
3) the taste - it has that weird lanolin type taste, which is not particularly nice
4) the pot is teeny so if you are out and don't have a lip brush with you, you have to use your finger - which is virtually impossible if you have long nails.

But other than those things, i do really love this product and would buy it again.
The Belle de Jour lipstick - hmmm i am not sure on this one yet. When i first opened it, i was shocked at how orange it was. It kind of reminds me of those really garish American Tan tights. But saying that, i haven't really given it a chance yet, so i may get it to work for me.
Love NARS packaging!

This is the Chelsea girls lacquer. It seems a bit washed out in this picture maybe? it is a really gorgeous colour.

All in all, i will definitely be re-purchasing the Chelsea Girls (even with all it's bad points) but probably not the Belle de Jour - even if it's meant to be Kim Kardashian's favourite!

Until next time