Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Confessions of a Concealaholic by Benefit and MAC Hue

I nipped to a local jumble sale last weekend and picked up this little bag for 50p. It's only Primark though, and generally i don't buy Primark second hand, as the quality is not so great the first time round, but i really liked this bag.MAC Hue
My first MAC lipstick!! i bought Hue. I wanted a nice nude and Myth seemed a bit too drying. Creme d' Nude was lush, but was so melty and i dropped the tester on the floor (by accident) and it just kind of squidged and knowing me, i'd just ruin it, so i opted for Hue and i LOVE it!
Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic
Hmmmm, the jury's still out on this one. I'm not overly impressed. I've used it a couple of times, but i don't think That Gal face primer makes any difference, or the Eyebright. The Lemon Aid is a bit hit and miss for me too. However i do like the Erase Paste and the Boi-ing. All in all, i doubt i will be re purchasing.

FAB packaging though!!!

Recent things i have bought!!!

Just thought i'd share some bargains with you!!!! below are my Nike Low Dunks, bought from Ebay for £7.01!!! well pleased with that, i must say! i'm quite fussy about trainers and don't like second hand ones (but believe me, i spend most of my money in charity shops, it's just something about second hand trainers...) these had only been worn once, and they are still in perfect condition. My other Nike boot trainers - i have been after a pair for ages and found these for £15.00 in TKMAXX. I love the pastel colours of them.

Ah, my gorgeous chunky bangle....60p in the Mind charity shop!!!
My cute little pumps, in my favourite coulour at the moment - a peachy corally pink which looks amazing with a tan. These were £5.00 from Tesco.

I have many more of these 'what i've bought' posts coming up, so stay tuned!!!

Flip In hair extensions

Okaaay, so this post is about a recent hair extension discovery of mine. I bought my hair extensions about 2 years ago and paid around £55.00 for them, including the clips. I had no idea how to wear them, cut a lot of them up into small strips, kept some long, sewed the clips tp them, etc, but nothing worked for me - my hair is way too thin to hold in the clips, plus i felt so self concious, like everyone could see the clips. I toyed with the idea of glue or sewing them in, but eventually, they ended up in a carrier bag in my wardrobe. UNTIL...... a couple of weeks ago when we were all down my boyfriends family's house for a get together, and i saw his step-sister Claire with some pretty nifty looking extensions in. She explained that she had been to a beauty roadshow, where she had seen Flip In extetions being showcased. Basically, they are extensions that go round your head on a clear elastcic band - it's hard to explain, so google it and see what i mean, because in my eyes, these things are a revelation!!! The only downside, is that they are waaay expensive £85 is the cheapest).

Anyway, the upshot of this is that Claire cleverly decided to make her on, sewing a regular hair elastic in place of the clear band (it just looks like you are wearing a hair band, or you could do the quiffy thing over the top of the band.)

So i raced home (sort of) and made my own, too! i measured 3 strips of my hair extensions and stitched them all together so they were nice and thick, and then sewed a band accross the top - and i'm not even joking i LOVE THEM!!! they don't fall out, take about 2 seconds to put in, and you can't see the join - i am officially in love!!!! i will upload some more in detail pics tomorrow!!!

Best of all, they don't damage your hair. Google it, watch thed demo video and then make your own, girls!!!

Mine were light brown with blonde streaks because that was the colour of my hair when i bought them, so i just bought a dark brown hair dye and dyed them to match my hair colour now!