Saturday, 28 August 2010

Great find at Asda!!

Isn't this just gorge??? (or 'George') pahahahaha. I found it in Asda last night, when i was suposed to be buying my daughter's school uniform (i also picked up a delish jumper - see other post)
It was £5.00 reduced to £2.50. I 'm starting to think i will NEVER buy anything unless it is on sale hahaha.
It has a very vintage-y almost gothic feel to it. It consists of three black roses squished together (sorry, can't think of a more 'pretty' way to describe it), with three strands of stretchy pearls
Ooooh i LOVE it.
My nail polish, if you are interested is my fave one at the mo, Nails Inc in the colour Mink

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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Thought i'd do a quick little otfit of the day post! This is my cute little sweater top which i bought from George @Asda last night.
Was £12.50 reduced to £6.25!!! Love the lace panelling accross the top and such a gorgeous soft grey colour.
I have on my black leggings from Primark and that's actually a black vest top i'm wearing as a skirt, just folded in the straps!! don't want my butt jiggling all over the place for all to see!

These are my gorgeous (or utterly hideous, according to my sister) pair of pumps from Primark. Patent quilted - i LOVE them. They have seen better days, but i will insist on wearing them til they fall apart.

Close up of my new top - please ignore the horrendously huge spot on my chin - no amount of concealer would cover that baby, so i just left it to nature to heal.

So there you go! mega cheap clothes hahahaha. I also had my cream quilted 'Chanel' bag too hee hee!

Hope you guys are good

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

I have yet to figure out the uploading logic on this bloody blog, so the pictures are all the wrong way round. Also, the pictures aren't great because despite vowing not to, i continually take my photos late at night under poor lighting. we go...This is a review of the Rimmel Coral In Gold Lipstick, number 210, and the Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner in Diva Red, number o24. Tho photo below was meant to be the great finale - me using both products together, but there you go. So the above pic is the lipstick and the below pic is me wearing the Red Diva lipliner with the Coral in Gold lipstick over the top.
I think it's come out really nice actually, i hardly ever wear red lips, but i think the colours work well together.
And who can resist giving the boyfriend a great big smacker on the cheek when sporting such a vibrant lip?
This is the Red Diva lipliner on it's own. It's a very creamy formula, with a nice slanted tip, so you don't get that really severe hard lipliner edge. This stuff will NOT budge, it's very long lasting, but it feels a bit cakey when on the lips. However i do really like it and reccomend it.

One of my fave lipliners is Rimmel Eastend Snob (i used to hate rimmel lipliners, they were sooo hard they looked awful) but these are great. Eastend Snob is a beautiful nude dusky pink, which looks great with Mac Hue over the top.

I will do a quick post on the Coral In Gold lipstick on it's own, and will also do a post on the Eastend Snob lipliner.

Hope you guys enjoyed this back to front blog
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Monday, 2 August 2010

About me!!

Ok, so i stole this little questionnaire type thingy from one of my followers (yes, i have 11 now, woo hoo!!)
Here goes

What is your current fashion obsession?

Oooh that would have to be my big black baggy Harem pants from, my gorgeous black maxi dress from Forever 21 and a pair of wedges which i am desperate to order, from

What is your current makeup obsession?
Weirdly enough i don't really have one at the moment. I usually go through stages of total obsession with certain things, like finding the best way to do my eyebrows (still have not discovered one) or searching for the perfect nude lipstick. I think most recently is was a concealer obsession. However yesterday i did buy Revlon Photoready foundation, which i am LOVING

What are you wearing today?
Oh goodness, today i am v. scruffy cos i'm just at home with the kids. I have on my Victoria's Secret PINK jogging bottoms (in black), a black bandaeu top from Bay, and my nike air force ones!! However, i have done my make up!!!

Was all over the place, but decided to put it up in a high pony tail. As usual, it started giving me a headache, so now it's down and all over the place again.

Do you nap a lot?
oh yes, i would nap all day if i could. Whenever there is a break in my day, i will nap!

What would you like to learn to do?
i would love to be fluent in another language, preferably something really difficult like Russian or Cantonese, purely so i could impress people. I would also love to learn street dance.

Whats for dinner today?

well today we are having Quiches with new potatoes and perhaps some broccoli if i can be bothered to get to sainsburys

What is your favourite kind of weather?
I love sunny days because they automatically make you feel happy. But autumn, when the air is just turning chilly and all the leaves are red and orange and the sky is turquoise blue. But i also love a really good thunder storm with torrential rain

What is the last thing you just bought?

I went into town on saturday and bought quite a few bits
Some button uggs in black, for when it gets chillier (fake ones, you trust, only £5.00)
A Flashdance tshirt from Primark
A Minnie Mouse Tshirt , and two necklaces, some knicky knacky noodles, some converse type trainers for my big daughter and a pink dress for my little daughter all from Primark
Revlon Photoready foundation, Loreal million lashes mascara, Revlon lipstick (nude attidude), some bronzer by collection 2000 and a fake tanning mitt, all from Superdrug
and......3 bottles of Hawaiin Tropic fake tan from Poundland
and......a checked shirt from H&M mens department

What are your essential items when travelling?
makeup, purse, keys, dummies for the littlest girl and a change of clothes for her incase she wets herself, oh and my phone.

Whats your style?
i change my style daily i think because i am a gemini and i would hate to be tied down to one style. Sometimes its tracksuit bottoms and high tops with a vest top, some days its a maxi dress with wedges, some days it's harem pants and flip flops, or it could be leggings and my fave cowboy boots - i love all clothes but i guess the main thing for me when getting dressed is comfort and not having the fear of breaking my neck in crazy high heels when running after the kids (shame, cos i would wear wedges a hell of a lot more if i could)

Whats your most challenging goal right now?
probably trying to stay awake throughout the day, i am always soooo tired :-(

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
wow, this is tough, because i am inclined to say where i am already - it's a great area and i'm close ish ti family, but i would also like one on miami beach or maybe australia

Favourite vacation spot

believe it or not, i have never been abroad :-(

Name the things you can not live without?
well firstly it would be my kids, , family etc, but possesion wise, probably my phone, laptop and car

What would you like to have in your hands right now?
a great big massive humungous wad of money

What would you like to get rid of?
my baby belly :-(((((

What are you most excited for?
ordering my tan wedges!!!

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?I would take the kids to a beautiful secluded beach with crystal waters and a delicious picnic, and they could run and play and swim and be happy

I tag anyone to do this!!!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

L'Oreal Million Lashes mascara review

Ok, this blog is just driving me NUTS today. The pictures uploaded in the wrong order 3 times and now my font is blue and underlined grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Anyway, this is a review of the L'Oreal Million Lashes mascara. I bought it from Superdrug yesterday for about £10.00, cant remember the exact price. Well the above photo is me with no mascara on at all
This is with one coat of the mascara
And this is after two coats.
In my opinion, this mascara is great. I haven't had enough time to properly play around with it yet, but going by this application, i am VERY happy!
It didn't clump, or stick my lashes together and i know i could apply another coat without fear of spider lashes.
It wasn't too wet either, which tends to be a big problem with new mascaras.
As you can see from the first photo, i have really rubbish short lashes, so i'm pretty chuffed with this!
Until next time