Thursday, 19 August 2010

I have yet to figure out the uploading logic on this bloody blog, so the pictures are all the wrong way round. Also, the pictures aren't great because despite vowing not to, i continually take my photos late at night under poor lighting. we go...This is a review of the Rimmel Coral In Gold Lipstick, number 210, and the Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner in Diva Red, number o24. Tho photo below was meant to be the great finale - me using both products together, but there you go. So the above pic is the lipstick and the below pic is me wearing the Red Diva lipliner with the Coral in Gold lipstick over the top.
I think it's come out really nice actually, i hardly ever wear red lips, but i think the colours work well together.
And who can resist giving the boyfriend a great big smacker on the cheek when sporting such a vibrant lip?
This is the Red Diva lipliner on it's own. It's a very creamy formula, with a nice slanted tip, so you don't get that really severe hard lipliner edge. This stuff will NOT budge, it's very long lasting, but it feels a bit cakey when on the lips. However i do really like it and reccomend it.

One of my fave lipliners is Rimmel Eastend Snob (i used to hate rimmel lipliners, they were sooo hard they looked awful) but these are great. Eastend Snob is a beautiful nude dusky pink, which looks great with Mac Hue over the top.

I will do a quick post on the Coral In Gold lipstick on it's own, and will also do a post on the Eastend Snob lipliner.

Hope you guys enjoyed this back to front blog
Until next time


  1. The colour on the lipliner is really nice. Im not a make up girl so must confess I dont own one but have been contemplating one recently so may think about this one! Daisy Dayz Home

  2. Ah thankyou! if you don't own much make up, it's good to go with brands like rimmel and maybelline first as they have lots of colours to experiment with and won't cost that much.

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  4. hi i tried to send the email but it did not work, do you have an alternative email address? thankyou.