Saturday, 30 January 2010

My dreams are in tatters

Lat night, after my latest post, my laptop charger lead broke. I had secretly been planning all week to just take the plunge and order those boots from Forever 21, but i have just had to pay £30.00 for a new lead...sad sad face.
SO now, yeah there's no way of getting those luscious, cute, adorable go-with-anything ankle boots that i so clearly NEED!!
(BTW that make up last night was purchased when i returned some unwanted clothes to the shop and got a credit note ha ha)
Waaaaaaaaaaa sob sniff, now i will have to wait TWO WEEKS to get the boots and they will probably sell out by then. Oh woe is heart cannot take the strain
Until next time (if i live that long without my boots)

Friday, 29 January 2010

New Make up

Argh, my sister didn't get my GOSH lipstick cos she didn't get paid today, but never mind, i managed to get a few other pieces to mend my broken heart while i was out

I got...

Maybelline Lash Stiletto - i have already had this mascara and i really rate it, i think it's great

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express

Maybelline Pure Foundation Mineral loose powder with a Kabuki brush in 04 Vanilla Rose

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in 01 Dolly Pink ( have wanted a pale pinky blush since i saw Cheryl Cole on the X Factor wearing dark smokey eyes, pale (ish) skin, pink blush and pale lips and i thought her make up looked amazing

Barbara Daly (Cheap Tescos own brand but i liked the colour) nail polish in Sweetie

Rimmel Pro nail polish in 391 Celebrity Bash - kind of like a dark burgundy red

Rimmel Special Eyes eye liner pencil in black

My sister also gave me a virtually full pot of The Body Shop Brush On Buff pearls, which are gorgeous, and a Boots N07 Liplicious lipgloss in Marshmallow

So all in all i got a few pretty nice bits.

I also got a really cute creamy white sweater type top with gold studs on in the shape of a tigers face, which i really like. I will put up a picture of it later, but my camera battery has just died :-(

Now we are back home and it's LATE. Our main PC has pretty much completely broken this evening, due to a stupid virus, but Adam is working hard on fixing it and he is really clever with computers.

Until next time


Forever 21 yay!!!

Have discovered that Forever 21 is now delivering to the UK!!!! was on their website til LATE last night and i love their stuff, especially the jewellery. BUT i have fallen in love with the cutest pair of ankle boots on there and i want them sooooo much. It will cost £25 for them, including delivery which is really pretty good. I have a pair of trainers up for sale on ebay and am going to put up my Idol dress from New Look that Beyonce recently wore...i paid £16 for it, and they're going for up to £40 on ebay now, cos New Look sold out in about 2 if i sell those two things, i can maybe get the boots AND my Juicy bag...who knows. I know i'm being really irresponsible as my car tax, MOT and insurance are all due at the end of this month (so in like 3 days) but i can't help it, i'm just soooo obsessed with STUFF hahahahahaahaha.
My Ardell 105 lashes came today which was amazingly quick and they are lovely, am going to try them out in a minute...but they don't come with glue..what's that all about?? i paid £5.60 for them and NO glue..cheapskates.
I'm off now to jump in the shower, going to see my big sis this evening and i SERIOUSLY hope she got me the GOSH lipstick in Darling as they are sold out online now. Gotta pick up my eldest at 5.30 from her friends too, so better get on.
Until next time

Thursday, 28 January 2010

where is everyone??

I'm blogging away here, but i have NO followers ha ha
where are you all?...and my blog is so pretty :-(((
So late last night i ordered my Ardell 105 lashes, can't wait to get them, i reckon they're going to be perfect for every day wear, not too extravagant. I also paid for my two Juicy Couture necklaces from ebay...
I've asked my sister to pick me up the GOSH lipstick in Darling, as she works right near a Superdrug. I hope they haven't sold out, cos i checked online last night and they were out of stock aaarrrggghhh!! and they have some on ebay, but they're going for loads of money...
And just for the record, i tried the Barry M 101 in Marshmallow, which is meant to be a pretty good nude, and a good dupe for MACS Myth and i HATE it - urgh it's thick and pasty and a really light pinky foundation colour but so not in a good way, it's waxy and just horrid - i really do not like it.
I recently bought L'oreal Color Riche nude lipstick in Almond Beige (i think?) and i love it. It's creamy and glossy and a really great nude colour.
I have still to find the perfect nude lipliner though, i have soooooo many lipliners all in the same sort of colour, but none are right, they are all too dark and most have a reddish tone to them, which i don't like. Any recommendations on the perfect nude lipliner??
I bought MACS lipliner in SOAR (i know it's not meant to be a nude) and didn't really like it, again too reddish. And i also bought Wet N' Wild lipliner in Brandywine, which is apparantly the must have lipliner in all make up artists' kits. I do like it, but it's not really my favourite...super cheap though!
I am hopefully getting the memory card for my new Sony Cybershot this weekend, so will be posting a lot more pictures....
Until next time xoxo

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

this damn thing isn't letting me upload pictures whhhyyyy???
Anyway, on my wishlist are 2 pairs of platform shoes and Gosh lipstick in Darling...but it's a bit rubbish without pictures :-((((

My wish list

oookaaay, this is my wishlist...basically, stuff i WISH i could have....these things make my heart flutter!!!
My darling daughter Madison

my life

My daughter Annalise in her Fame outfit on Christmas day

new year, new blog

Ok, so this is my 3rd new blog...and i'm gonna stick to this one and be really disciplined with updating it and posting pictures.

This blog is going to be about fashion, makeup and things i have bought, with probably lots of other bits and pieces thrown in!!!

Welcome to A Girl's World, hope you have fun!!!