Thursday, 28 January 2010

So late last night i ordered my Ardell 105 lashes, can't wait to get them, i reckon they're going to be perfect for every day wear, not too extravagant. I also paid for my two Juicy Couture necklaces from ebay...
I've asked my sister to pick me up the GOSH lipstick in Darling, as she works right near a Superdrug. I hope they haven't sold out, cos i checked online last night and they were out of stock aaarrrggghhh!! and they have some on ebay, but they're going for loads of money...
And just for the record, i tried the Barry M 101 in Marshmallow, which is meant to be a pretty good nude, and a good dupe for MACS Myth and i HATE it - urgh it's thick and pasty and a really light pinky foundation colour but so not in a good way, it's waxy and just horrid - i really do not like it.
I recently bought L'oreal Color Riche nude lipstick in Almond Beige (i think?) and i love it. It's creamy and glossy and a really great nude colour.
I have still to find the perfect nude lipliner though, i have soooooo many lipliners all in the same sort of colour, but none are right, they are all too dark and most have a reddish tone to them, which i don't like. Any recommendations on the perfect nude lipliner??
I bought MACS lipliner in SOAR (i know it's not meant to be a nude) and didn't really like it, again too reddish. And i also bought Wet N' Wild lipliner in Brandywine, which is apparantly the must have lipliner in all make up artists' kits. I do like it, but it's not really my favourite...super cheap though!
I am hopefully getting the memory card for my new Sony Cybershot this weekend, so will be posting a lot more pictures....
Until next time xoxo

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