Monday, 29 November 2010

VERY late halloween pics

My Annie winning her prize for best dressed!!
My adorable little witchy-poo
Me and my daughter

Me in my 'cat' (ish) costume. I do have a tail on too. And can you spot the naked Barbie???

Until next time

it's been a while....Chanel Khaki Vert and Kitty cat

It's been a long while since i blogged and i'm not entirely sure why...Anyway, this was my makeup for halloween. I was, of course, a cat!!

This look was done using mainly my Maybelline black liquid eyenier and the black and grey eyeshadows from my 88 neutral palette. That is a hair clip round my neck, which i clipped onto an elastic type hairband thing.
I backcomed my hair and used a good deal of hairspray. Then scraped it up into a high bun.

Me and the kids went to my friends halloween party and we had a great time. I did my daughter Annalise's make up, but my littes, Madison, refused to wear anything remotely halloweenish until the end of the night, when she donned a witches hat.
This was Annie - she was kind of like Mona The Vampire, and won the competiotion for best outfit!!!
And this is the highly sought after Chanel Khaki Vert nail polish. It is VERY special to me and i am afraid to use it! but i'm getting my nails done on friday, so shall wear it then, as we all know nail polish lasts so much longer when you have fake nails on!

i shall do another post quickly, showing my outfit and my daughters' outfits on more pics to follow!!!

Until next time