Friday, 29 January 2010

Forever 21 yay!!!

Have discovered that Forever 21 is now delivering to the UK!!!! was on their website til LATE last night and i love their stuff, especially the jewellery. BUT i have fallen in love with the cutest pair of ankle boots on there and i want them sooooo much. It will cost £25 for them, including delivery which is really pretty good. I have a pair of trainers up for sale on ebay and am going to put up my Idol dress from New Look that Beyonce recently wore...i paid £16 for it, and they're going for up to £40 on ebay now, cos New Look sold out in about 2 if i sell those two things, i can maybe get the boots AND my Juicy bag...who knows. I know i'm being really irresponsible as my car tax, MOT and insurance are all due at the end of this month (so in like 3 days) but i can't help it, i'm just soooo obsessed with STUFF hahahahahaahaha.
My Ardell 105 lashes came today which was amazingly quick and they are lovely, am going to try them out in a minute...but they don't come with glue..what's that all about?? i paid £5.60 for them and NO glue..cheapskates.
I'm off now to jump in the shower, going to see my big sis this evening and i SERIOUSLY hope she got me the GOSH lipstick in Darling as they are sold out online now. Gotta pick up my eldest at 5.30 from her friends too, so better get on.
Until next time

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