Sunday, 14 February 2010

NYC eyeshadow, lipgloss and eyelashes

NYC were having a 'buy two items get the eyelashes free' deal at Superdrug, so i got me a nice little eyeshadow palette and a liquid shine lipgloss in a pearly , shiny almost opaque pink.

The eyeshadow is lovely, very pigmented, and my eyes came out fab ( didn't take a picture though - will do next time)

The eyelashes are nice too, but i hate the self adhesive ones - i think they make them like that so they don't have to put the little tubes of glue in. They're only good for one wear, and even then i wouldn't trust them without glue. You can never find tubes of glue on their own either, you always have to buy more lashes..what is with that???
The eyeshadow is called Best Of Broadway, and had some lovely brown shades with a dark, almost black shade for contouring.
Eyeshadow £4.99
Lipgloss £2.99
Eyelashes £2.99 (but free, obvs)
BTW, this is supposed to be one long continuos post about all these items, but due to the ludicrous way blogger seems to be operating, i'm having to do it in lots of seperate little ones haha!

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