Monday, 15 February 2010

Soap and Glory and Rimmel Airy Fairy

Sorry about the lousy pictures...
I managed to get my hands on Rimmel Airy Fairy, which i was pleased about considering i thought it was only available in the US. I found it online for 95p!!! it was an additional £2.50 p&p but that's fine, it's still really cheap, and considering i've heard you can't get it over here, i was really happy. ANYWAY..onto the's a lovley creamy pinky/lilac nude, which sounds weird but really works, and looks totally gorge. It's very creamy and moisturising and a lovely subtle colour. On the sticker and in the tube, it looks like a creamy versu=ion of the dreaded school days favourite Amethyst Shimmer by Rimmel, but it's really not. I'd say it was a great nude with a twist!!
Onto the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss. I had originally wanted the set of three but the boots i went into only had them in singles. I got the colour Nude, which looks a really dark brown in the tube, but is much much lighter when you put it on, and it tastes of yummy chocolate. The gloss itself is quite thick, but feels really nice on. However, i was expecting a much more intense tingling feeling, maybe i'd read too much about this product being amazing, but it just tingled a teensy bit and definately didn't plump at all :-(

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