Thursday, 4 February 2010

I have 2 followers now!!!!

Welcome Toyah! hahahaha

Today is a good day because me and Adam are getting a new bed desperately needed as our one has just fallen apart around us.

I've sold some stuff on ebay too (an Ed Hardy t shirt i bought for for £2.99 from a charity shop, sold for £18.00) so that's good, and some other bits and bobs have gone too..out with the old, in with the new (hopefully new forever 21 boots haha)

I ordered a nude lipliner in by Boots no7 from ebay - brand new, only £1.99 so that should arrive tomorrow.

OH MY GOD also i forgot this...I know a girl who is a MAC make up artist (haven't seen her for years though) but we chat on facebook sometimes, and she said she can get me the nude lipstick i want for HALF PRICE!!! too excited man. She has suggested Hue, which she uses on Pixie Lott, and i really want to gt either Myth or Creme d' Nude. I have decided on two..probably Hue and Myth as i think Creme D' Nude is a sheen like Hue, whereas Myth is more matte, so would like 2 slightly different ones.

I'm waiting for my little one to fall asleep so i can practise a smokey eye and nude lip, whilst probably watching Family Guy.

My Juicy jewellery hasn't arrived yet, it's takin for ages!!!
BTW ignore Keira Knightly - she just happened to be on the lipliner picture - i'm not too fond of her, if the truth be told.


  1. heello! good to be should do some youtube videos - i'm rubbish at make-up I need you to teach me! x

  2. ahhh only just seen your comment, thankyou, my first one, haha! yeah i do want to do some videos, but am just waiting for a bigger memory card so i can film them! xxx