Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Current wish list

I always have a wishlist haha, but the above nameplate necklace is something i have wanted for a long time. Obviously my name is not Ashley, but it's Arabella, and i chose this necklace as i love the way the 'A' has been done. This particular necklace is from Ebay, but it comes originally from Israel. I think it's so pretty.
MAC lipliner in Oak, one in Stone and one in Stripdown
And i STILL haven't bought the lipstick Snob yet! As soon as i think i can, something else more important needs buying, but i will get it!

I actually want so much from MAC, including a mascara, foundation, oh! and an eyeliner in Smoulder. But MAC is sooo day i will have impressive MAC collection......probably...maybe.....but probably not...

What is on your current wishlist?
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