Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Gel nails

I am currently going gel nail crazy! I used the nailene gel nail kit to do my nails over christmas, and was impressed with how they came out. They lasted about a week, and were so easy to do

I think they looked pretty good and you get 2 applications per pack, (i think the pack was around £7-£10), so way cheaper than going to a salon.
I also used the Broadway Gel nail kit and actually prefered that one, as the nail tips were so thin and flexible and you could file them beautifully.

I am going to buy myself a proper gel nail kit with the curing lamp, so i can do them regularly and really practice, so they come out perfect. They are really expensive (around £90) but i have found a kit on Ebay from China for £28, so i will definately be buying that!!

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