Saturday, 25 September 2010

my beautiful girls

Above - Annalise Brooke, my stunning clever unique daughter (9 on october 25th)
Below - Madison Amber Rose- my beautiful funny cheeky daughter (turned 3 on september 13th)
I love my daughters more than life itself.



  1. Found your blog looking for a review of coral in gold lipstick by Rimmel, and came across your post. Your oldest daughter should become a child model or is destined to be one - my brother made some money through it which is proving to be useful for him now. Congratulations on having two beautifullll girls xxx

  2. Oh thankyou so much! i have been told that a few times by various people, i really should see if i can get her into it. She is a very clever girl and wants to be a vet when she's older though haha! Hope my review on the lipstick was helpful :-)