Saturday, 25 September 2010

Happy 3rd birthday!!!

My beautiful little girl turned 3 on september 13th. I love her sooooo much it hurts!! There she is, enjoying her cakey on her papa's lap, oh i love her so!
Here is the birthday cake i made her. It is vanilla victoria sponge with pink vanilla buttercream icing and little pink white and yellow wafer flowers. Excuse the mess around the cake, i was in an absolute baking frenzy, as i had to do a massive fruit and nut cake for my dad's birthday at the same time (his is on the 18th) and we were all going down to my partners family's house the next day (as it was his dad's b'day on the 8th aswell!!!!) so it was a triple celebration! And i had had only 2hours sleep the night before and things were manic haha!!!

You can see all the icing sugar and baking paraphenalia all over the table!!

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