Thursday, 9 September 2010

Miley Cyrus/Max Azria clothes at Asda OMG!!

Grrrrr as usual i have uploaded the pictures in the wrong order, so please bare (bear/bare?) with me...
Well, today i went to Asda and in the teenage range i spied some clothes designed by Miley Cyrus and Max Azria. Now i am by no means a small adult,(i am approx size 12-14) but when i saw this top and leggings i swooped them up in size large and bobs your uncle, they only bloody fit!!
The leggings are full length with little square studs all down the outside of the legs. Not teeny-bopper-ish at all, quite rock chick, really!. They are also SUPER soft and stretchy and fit perfectly (although they are a bit long, seeing that i am only 5ft1)
And when i saw this top, i new i had to have it. It is a gorgeous pink, almost long enough to wear on it's own over leggings, but i will team it with a stretchy black mini. It has an almost army type print on it, but also slightly tigerish looking. It is very thin, and the sleeves are really long, which i love. I will wear a pink or white stretchy vest top underneath as it's quite see - through.

The leggings where only £9.00 and the top was only £7.00, and it's safe to say i am pretty chuffed with them!

Until next time


  1. That pink top is adorable. I'm in the states and they sell the Miley/Max clothes at Wal-Mart here. I have a few things from the collection but my fave definitely has to be the purple tee shirt with a gold peacock on it..It's beautiful. Did you see one like it over there in Britain?

  2. Thanks, i love it too! i haven't seen the purple tshirt though, but i will keep me eye out for it!