Tuesday, 7 September 2010


So here we go guys, a little outfit of the day for you! I went out with my sister to see my brother play. It was his forst time playing with his other band, and the gig was amazing!! He sang with his girlfriend too. It was really brilliant!!!
So anyway, above is a picture of my hand (obvs). Round my wrist i have a beautiful sparkly black vintage necklace from my mum.
I have my CUTE Hello Kitty ring on which i bought (weirldy enough) when i went to Kenley Aerodrome to watch an airshow last month. There were a few stalls and i spotted a lady selling these for £1.00!
I think my black and silver ring is from Dorothy Perkins, and i don't remember where my silver thumb ring is from.
And this is what i wore
My baggy off the shoulder top from River Island (says Musicians wanted, apply within - thought this was apt, seeing as i was going to watch a band!)
My 'skirt' is actually a bandeau top from Bay Trading, worn as a skirt.
Black tights and my trusty old boots from the market (these just seem to go with EVERYTHING). My daughter said to me 'mum, you can't go out in those boots again' and she dug out a pair of gorgeous leopard print platforms from Asos, but i stuck with the boots haha!

And this is me with my boyfriend blazer on from Primark! Although i left it in the car when i went in as i was way too hot.
Blogger is not letting me upload anymore pics, so i will do another post in a sec, cos i hadn't finished rambling!!!

Peace out

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