Thursday, 2 September 2010

Tattoo fail :-(

I waited a very long time to get my tattoo.
I spent hours poring over different designs and types and i finally chose a bow.

Well, 3 bows to be exact, starting with a big one at the base of my spine and then a medium sized one and then a small one going up my back.
For some STUPID reason, i did not bring a photo along with me to show exactly what i wanted.
The tattooist got the placement and design right, but the actual bows i have grown to hate.
They seem 'flat' somehow, very standard looking and not cute or girly. Also, they have been outlined in this weird blue colour.
They don't bother be on a daily basis, as i can't see them.
I have had them for two years now, but since finding the above picture on the internet ( from Fuck,yeah tattoos), i have a real bee in my bonnet about them.
I am, to be honest, pretty gutted right now, cos the bow in the first picture is EXACTLY what i would want. I am going to book an appointment with my tattoist ( a very lovely guy called Leo) to right this 'wrong'.
Leo was the one who did my original bow tattoos, but i really don't blame him, he is a good tattoo artist. I blame myself for not being clear about what i wanted.
Below is a picture of my's a pretty crap picture in all honesty, but i think you can see what i mean.
The moral of this story? make sure you are absolutely certain what you want and take a picture with you (several, if needed!!!). Cos a tattoo is for life - not just for christmas.

Until next time



  1. Oh, so sorry you're bummed out over this! But so cool of you to share it because most likely someone will read this & think twice. I'm just so scared of not LOVING my tattoo, hence the reason I keep putting it off. Your bows are still cute :) xx

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment. Yeah, just thought i would do a post about it cos i was feeling pretty upset, but there you go. If you get a picture of EXACTLY what you want and go to a great tattoist i'm sure it will be fine. Good luck xxx

  3. Now I'll think THRICE about getting the tatoo I want.

    Thanks for the story, and it's still a nice tattoo...