Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Garnier Pure Active Exfo Brusher review

Thought i'd do a quick review on the Garnier Pure Active Exfo brusher.
I bought this a week ago from Tescos for about £7.49, which i think is quite pricey for a face wash.

I have been using this every day, twice a day, and i haven't really seen much reduction in the marks, however i have noticed that my skin is definately a lot clearer and as the brush is like an exfoliater, my skin hasn't been as dry.

I like the scrubby brush thing because it feels like it really gives a good deep clean without being too harsh. You definately don't get that face-stretched-shiny-over-bones feeling, just a really nice, clean, soft feeling.
However, a big minus side for me on this product is that the brush is attatched to the bottle. You have to twist the top 180 degrees in order to 'open' the bottle and then tip it up to deliver the face wash onto the scrub.
But the wash is really quite runny and you end up squeezing it on the floor, then angling it only slightly so it runs onto the brush - basically it's quite fiddly and runny.
I then tried tipping my head back and squeezing it onto my face and scrubbing it in quickly, but like i said, it's so runny it tends to seep into your eyes and mouth - maybe this is just me, but i have found this quite annoying and for £7.50, you would expect the design to be a bit more user friendly.
All in all, i don't think i would re-purchase, due to two things
1) the awkward application
2) the money

But all in all, it's a great face wash, and i will definately be keeping up with it til the bottle is gone!

Until next time


  1. blk head remover?

  2. Sounds quite fiddly, I don't think I'll bother with it then. Thanks for the review, has been v.helpful!

  3. I've been using this product for 2 months now i hade only a bit of acne around my chin. To me it seems like the wash is causing the acne beacuse ive been getting more acne along my forhead and never use to. The brush is a good idea but what if the brush is just brushing the dirt back in? Theres a lot of wash on the brush when you rinse it off under the tap. Ive stopped using this product.

  4. Do you know if you can get this product from any other store e.g. asda ... ?

  5. how many times are you using it a day? pls

  6. Hey, i used it everyday for a couple of weeks. it was a very good product, just really fiddly to use.
    And yes,i think you can get it from most supermarkets now...

  7. Ive just bought this product and if you go to superdrug its a fiver :) did it get rid of your spots cos i had really bad acne, used several face things, got rid of all my spots and when i was on holiday with my friend i didnt manage to wash my face as she doesnt wash her face and now i have loads of spots again!! Wanna get rid of them soon so i hope it works!

  8. i know this is late, but anyhow.
    you're supposed to shake the bottle before you use it. by doing so you make foam inside the bottle that you then just squeeze out.
    you shouldn't have to turn the bottle upside down to get the product out.
    i take it you're not using this product anymore, but i hope i helped. (: