Sunday, 11 July 2010

Outfit of the day and new followers!!

Ok first up, this is my beautiful 8 year old daughter Annalise, on thursday morning. She had Roman day at school and this is the costume i made :-)
This is my funny, naughty little 2 year old whirlwind miss Madison, in her cousins skeleton mask
Oh and this is me!! i have just had my hair cut, as it was in the worst condition and i'm really happy with it!
I am wearing my black maxi dress from Forever 21 (via Ebay), my Juicy couture necklace and another necklace from ebay. My gold earrings are from a random shop in Croydon and i have my beloved Fornarina black and gold wedges on me feeties (i have them in white and gold too)

And this is a more close up photo of my hair :-)

And i would just like to say hellooooo to my new followers - 9 now, woohoo!!!
Until next time


  1. Love the outfit! I have a black maxi, and have never worn it with a belt, must give it a go!

    Its great when you come on and have new followers, isn't it!
    Have a peek at my blog when you have a min-

    Anna x

  2. Hi! thanks for your comment - yay for new followers!
    I love my black maxi dress, it's so 'forgiving' haha
    Have joined your blog too!