Monday, 21 June 2010


So on saturday i went into town to see my brother's band play - it was an excellent night and i didn't get in til 3.30am!! This is me on the left with my brother Eddie and my sister Miranda. Not a ver good picture of my makeup, but here goes
Eyes - eye primer from Claire's
Eyeshadow - NYC Best of Broadway and my 88 warm palette
Rimmel eyeliner and Maybelline liquid eyeliner
Maybelline great lash mascara
Face - Pure concealer and Barbara Daly concealer (from Tesco's - it's really good!)
A very old Rimmel bronzer
Lips - Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner Definer in 063 Eastend Snob (this is LOVELY)
Mac Hue lipstick

I had my home made Flip In extensions in, which i loosley curled. I plaited part extension and part real hair either side of my head and wrapped them over the top, securing them with LOADS of hair grips. It made the extensions feel really secure and it looked very nice, i must say! i was impressed cos i'm not all that good at hair. I have a better picture of my hair and outfit but it's on the home pc, so i will upload it later.

This is me and my sister.
I wore
Black short Rolling Stones vest dress with diamantes and a really low back with silver chains (it's so lush!) from Amplified
Black tights
Black suede ankle boots with studs from the market
An old cropped denim jacket i bought from Primarni about 5 years ago, which i bleached the other day
A GORGEOUS pink flower bracelet From River Island that my brothers girlfriend bought me
I will upload a pic of said outfit in the next post
Au Revoir mon amis!

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