Sunday, 6 June 2010

Would you rather...?

Would you rather...?

Be extremely beautiful or extremely intelligent?
Now i know i should say extremely intelligent, but shit i'm going for beautiful....

Go without brushing your teeth for a year or go without washing your hair for a year?
Oh definately go without washing my hair - i've heard it sel cleans after a while anyway, but can you imagine your TEETH after a years? urgh, makes me want to throw up at the thought

Be Rich or Famous?
Definately rich. I don't have much, if any, desire to be famous, but i'd definately love to be rich!

Have an amazing shoe collection or an amazing makeup collection?
Ooooh, hmmmmmm, errrm, probabaly makeup, but i'm really not sure on this one....

Be able to sing or be able to dance?
I'd love to be able to sing, but i do it anyway, even though it comes out sounding awful. But i'd really love to be able to dance amazingly well. I'd like to do street dance

Be stranded on a Desert Island or in the Desert?
DEFINATELY a desert island. I'd hate to be away from water...

Have a Computer or a TV?
Computer, definately - you can watch tv on it anyway

Wear spots or stripes for the rest of your life?
Stripes i think - spots may get a bit too much

Drink out of a Teacup or a Mug?
I'm going to say a teacup, as i only like my tea VERY hot and once it gets past a certain temperature i won't drink it, so tend to waste a lot....

Receive a bunch of Flowers or a box of chocolates?
Flowers made out of chocolate

Have a hug or a Kiss from someone you love?
A hug

Wear Converse or Stilettos?
Converse - stilettos are totally impractical for me as i have two kids to run around after!

Meet Johnny Depp or Robert Pattinson?
Robert Pattinson is a very recent crush of mine, however i have been in love with Johnny Depp since i was 12 so i will go with him. (It's only fair, i don't want to hurt his feelings)

Be a Fairy or a Mermaid?
If the waters were clear blue, non treacherous and relatively warm, i'd say a mermaid. If not, i'll go with fairy

A Coffee or a Cup of Tea?
Tea all the way

Pink nails or Blue nails?
Pink definately

Live somewhere sunny or somwhere cold?
Sunny. Life is so much nicer when it's sunny - plus it's easier to live in a sunny climate when you have kids

Have an amazing house or an amazing car?
Amazing house, definately

Be kind or funny?
Kind, but unfunny??? funny but unkind??? i'm going to go with funny hahahahhahaha

Eat Sweets or Cake?
Cake, def. I'm not overly bothered about sweets

Hold a Tarantula or a Snake?
Oh PURLEEEAAASE!!!! snake. I would rather die than hold a tarantula

Wear a neclace or a ring?

Laugh or Smile?
Laugh, hahahahahhaha hohoohohohho

Be hated or be a hater?
Be a hater...who wants to be hated?? not me!!!

Wear Pearls or Beads?
Pearls - i love them at the moment

If you had to choose, lose your sight or your hearing?
This is an AWFUL question, but i'm going to go with losing my hearing and ponder no more about it...

Have lots of money or lots of friends?
Money - i don't have or need lots of friends, just a few good people in my life

Love or be loved?
i think if you love, people will love you anyway

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