Monday, 21 June 2010

A picture heavy post!!!

Ok, these are some more pics from that can kind of see my dress a bit better in this photo Boots! mine are on the far right - they cost me £20 and are amazing, i bloody love them!! My brother's girlfriends are on the far left and are from Faith, my sisters are next and are from a catalogue and i can't for the life of me remember where my other friend's shoes came from...

Ah, i added this picture so you could check out my bracelet! Kate, my brother's girlfriend (next to me) bought it for me from River Island and i am officially in love with it. It's pale pink and i am in daily battles with my two year old for possesion of it!

This is my brother on stage. His band is fantastic, Solid State. My sister's hubby is the drummer.

And i put this picture in cos i find it so hilarious. It's me an my very old friend Jules, i've known him for 16 years now. He is the bass player in my brothers band (and his wife is the one in the picture wearing the unidentified shoes haha)

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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